Why Use CTRL Recruitment Group?

Finding a new employee can be a big job that can end up consuming a surprising amount of time and doesn’t always have the outcome you desired. Therefore, using the services of a recruitment agency can save you a lot of work and also help you find the perfect person for the vacancy first time around.

When it comes to selecting a new candidate to work within your company, you want to seek the right help and advice to find the right person. Here at CTRL Recruitment, we aim to find the perfect person for every vacancy within your business, be it permanent or contract. We do this by using a proven process that starts with us getting to know you and your business to allow us insight into who the right person would be.

Our process has led to us placing candidates in all manner of roles around the country, working from our base in London. We make use of a range of special databases and other sources of information to ensure we get the best quality candidates for every job and use skill match systems as well as our own knowledge of the IT Industry.

We work with businesses of all sizes from innovative start-ups to small and medium enterprises, right through international multi-location companies. Our experience means that regardless of the size of the business, we can still understand its needs.

We aim to have complete customer satisfaction in everything we do and we want to go further than you would ever expect. We value our relationships with businesses and with potential candidates as these are at the core of what we do. For this reason, we offer a number of additional services including salary surveys, bench-marking and management assessment courses.

No matter what your needs, we have a solution that can fulfill them. All you need to do is get in touch today and we can start our process to finding your perfect candidate.


Here at CTRL Recruitment, we have experience in both the recruitment industry and the IT industry, meaning we can use that combined knowledge to find you the right member of staff. Working with an industry specialist, particular in IT, means you work with someone who knows the technology, the trends and the latest developments. We understand the qualifications and experience that the employee needs to have and can help manage salary expectations with the candidates we work with.

Our insight and experience also means we will grasp how your business works with only a little bit of research. We understand the industry and simply need to learn the specific needs of your business to help match you with the ideal candidate. It also means that the potential candidates we work with are also specialists in the industry so there are no random CVs for people who simply don’t fit the bill.


Another reason to use a recruitment agency like ourselves is the work ethic we use on your behalf. As mentioned, we get to know your business on top of our experience within the industry. We also have an existing database of people looking for just the kind of job you are advertising. Whether you are searching for long term permanent staff or temporary contract workers, we have the database to help.

On the turn side, for our candidates, we build relationships with the right kind of businesses, the ones you want to work for. By understanding their processes and approach, we can help you decide if you fit their needs and if it is a business you would want to work for. Everyone thrives when they enjoy their job so getting a feel for this before applying is a big step towards getting your dream job.

Screening process

As part of our building relationships approach, we also screen both employers and potential candidates as we go. We can also help businesses institute the right checks that are crucial to getting the right staff. This can include background checks, right to work verification and even criminal records bureau checks if required. We can ensure you make the right checks but also keep within the laws regarding discrimination and other similar matters.

Salary issues

While some companies may have salary structures, others work on a more flexible basis. This can lead to confusion when it comes to setting a salary for a vacancy so we can help with this. If you need guidance based on industry standards or what kind of expectations the right candidates have in terms of salary and benefits, then we can help.

For candidates, we can help you manage your salary expectations and know your own worth. We all want to earn as much as possible but sometimes we can sell ourselves short to get the job. Our advice can ensure that you have realistic expectations for your salary that will fit in with what companies are offering.


How many times have you applied for a job and simply never heard back? Or had an interview and never had feedback why you didn’t get the job? That feedback is crucial to understand what worked and what didn’t going forward and can be important to helping you get the next job. One aspect of our job is to discuss the outcomes with the employer and retrieve feedback for you to help you understand why you were unsuccessful.

We can also provide feedback from candidates for employers if they opt not to take a job that has been offered to them. Often you feel that your business offers everything your desired candidate could require but they didn’t take the job. We can help you understand why this has happened and if there are changes needed in the future.

Our commitment

To us, it doesn’t matter if you are a new start-up, a small or medium sized enterprise or a huge multi-national company – you are our business partner and we want you to prosper by hiring the right people. We want to save you the work of finding those people and help you ensure that each candidate has the required qualifications and background.

For our candidates, we aim to help you find the perfect job, regardless whether it is for a long term or short term contract. We want you to be prepared for the interview, fluent in your application and confident in follow up meetings.

So regardless of what your recruitment needs are, by using CTRL Recruitment Group, you can make the whole process much more straight forward and simple with the right result at the end.

Make your next move your best move.