Candidate testimonials

I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your help. After being out of work for so many years, my motivation and passion was low. Your team gave me confidence and helped me get back on my feet so again thank you for all your help, this has really helped change my life around.

– Corridan, Business Support Analyst

I have worked with many recruitment agencies in the past and didn’t care for them much. After coming across Ctrl and the level of support they provided me, it has really changed my opinion towards recruitment companies. Maybe they are a one – off or the recruitment game is changing but definitely the best agency I have every worked with. It was a relief to finally come across a company that actually listened to my needs as a candidate. Good job Ctrl, I’m loving my new role!

– A. Heir, C++ Developer

I would recommend Ctrl to anyone. Especially if you are looking for your first job, they go out of their way to place you in a company that really suits your personality and needs. One excellent piece of advice I received from them is that no matter which role I am interested in, always make sure that I feel comfortable with the people and environment first, as this would potentially be my second home. If I fit in naturally and am happy with the overall company vibe, the interview will just flow naturally.

– Marshall, Solutions Architect

Ctrl is the most reliable agency I have ever used, what a breath of fresh air! Thank you for all your work, I’m having an excellent time in my new permanent position.

– Ali, SAP Trainer

A huge thank you to Ash. I was applying for a position in a company but she came along and advised me to apply to another client instead. What a brilliant choice, she was great at analysing which company would best suit me and I’m so glad I listened to her.

Simon, Lead Tester

A great company, excellent communication, never make empty promises, professional and friendly staff. If I’m looking for a job again, Ctrl will be top of my list.

– De Silva, Production

Anam and his team are very knowledgeable, they listened to my needs and for once a recruitment agency that listened to the candidate rather than pushing a sale on. I felt very comfortable talking to Anam, he was really interested in my career change and this initial discussion was key in helping me find a role that would suit me in my change of career. I’m thoroughly enjoying my new role and it’s all down to the Ctrl team listening to me and sourcing the right clients.

– R Bentley, Product Support

It was lovely to work with a team who knew what I wanted in my next role. Usually, recruitment consultants bombard you everyday with new roles and most of them are incompatible. This made me feel like they were only interred in their own commission and sales. Ctrl however was different, the best thing was that they would find worthy clients, thus cutting out all the others that would be wasting my time. I’m so glad I came across Ctrl, who knows where I would be now if I hadn’t!

– Maroof, Salesforce Contractor

I would definitely recommend Ctrl to anyone looking for a job. Surprisingly I thoroughly enjoyed working with the team as I did have reservations about recruitment agencies. They definitely changed my opinion as the whole process was flawless and I really have no complaints about the service.

– Sullivan, Q.A Tester

At a time when I felt my opportunities of placement were slim, Ctrl turned this around and found me a number of clients who were actually interested in my skills. I don’t know how Ctrl did it but they really boosted my confidence and helped me with interviews, it’s as if they saw something in me and wanted it to shine. I really do appreciate all of your help and never thought it would be possible for a recruitment agency to make such a difference to someone’s life. Thank you!!

– Thomas, IT Support

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