Why the Right Recruitment is Crucial for Growth

During a recent survey by the Recruitment and Employment Federation (REC), almost 95% of the 600 companies spoke to admitted that they currently had little or no capacity to take on extra work with their current staffing levels.  Further to this, over 80% of them said that they would be looking to add to their staff in the coming months to allow their business to grow, but why are extra staff so crucial for business growth?



While having people in place can allow your business to take on more work, the right people is crucial for a number of additional reasons and shows the importance of clever recruitment, regardless of the industry.

One reason is the enhancement of the business’s reputation.  The old saying about the people being the business is still accurate today and they form a large part of the impression received by customers or business partners.  It takes a single poor member of staff a few seconds to ruin a reputation built up over years so finding the right staff is important for more than just productivity.  Staff need to be experienced and skilled as well as having the right attitude and standard of professionalism to fit in with your organisation.


Long term investment

When you hire someone, you have already spent money on them, in terms of investing time and resources to find them and arrange interviews and whatever else is involved in your companies hiring process.  Once hired, you will continue to invest in them and therefore you want the right people in place to make this worthwhile.  Each person brings something to the workplace and in turn the company’s culture can be enhanced by their presence or decreased by it.

Another important aspect that comes with investing in your people is the opportunity to increase the chances that they will remain with the company.  According to a survey by CIPD, some 78% of businesses have problems retaining staff and this can often be down to the level of investment the business puts into its staff, with training being top of the list.  If a person doesn’t feel valued, motivated and continually developing then they are less likely to stay with an organisation.


Costs of a poor recruitment

Getting it wrong can do more than spoil a reputation or waste your time, it can cost the business money.  Recruiting the wrong person can cost well over £8,000 rising to £12,000 for senior management or directors, then there is the loss of workplace morale and lost productivity that a poor recruit can bring.  Therefore, it is vital that recruitment within a company is handled with the utmost care and organisation and that appropriate time is given to each step of the hiring process to mitigate the risk of any potential poor hires.

Make your next move your best move.