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It’s Your Career, It’s Your Choice

But we want you to make an informed choice and that’s why here at CTRL Recruitment, we aim to give you our honest advice as well as structured guidance and the most complete package of support that you can receive from a recruitment consultant. Our experience is a tool you can use to help find the perfect vacancy and that experience can be dedicated to your cause.

Our process starts with getting to know you, understanding your experience and your specialities. We want to know what you can do but also what you want to do. And if there is a gap between the two, we want to help you find the right tools to fill it. We have a range of e-learning tools as well as career training and we can even help you manage your expectations regarding salaries from the positions you are looking at.

We do this through the help of our team of specialist consultants who are experts in their specific areas. Whether you want a permanent IT job in networking or testing or a contractual role in systems analysis or project management, we have the best team of recruitment specialists to help you find the job you want.

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Our process

We believe that by matching you with the right role within the right business we can start you on a course to a long and successful career.

To do this, we use highly trained specialist consultants who are knowledgeable in the IT industry and have worked hard to form strong relationships with various businesses.

This benefits you, the candidate, because it means we have a better understanding of the business in question, its requirements and prospects. This understanding allows us to take your requirements and dreams into perspective based on this and helps us find the right employer for you.

All we need from you is your complete honesty about your experience, qualifications as well as your dreams and ambitions. That way we can help you start on a course to fulfill them.

First contact

There are various ways to make first contact with CTRL Recruitment. We have our website, social media presences and can be reached by telephone directly. Once you have approached us, we can start chatting with you to help us understand what you need from us and where you want to go in the future.

A big part of this initial contact process is understanding what kind of roles you are seeking and what you are qualified for. Part of this is collecting a CV from you as well as a job specification sheet.


Once you have applied for a position and an employer requests an interview with you, your consultant will brief beforehand. You will get an email confirmation of everything included dates and times to ensure you don’t miss anything.

After the interview, regardless of the outcome, your consultant will request feedback from the employer. This includes your CV and your interview performance and is usually within 24 hours of the interview. We also ask that you too provide us with feedback on the whole process.

Securing an offer

When the employer makes a job offer, your consultant will be there to look at any issues such as salary negotiations if this hasn’t already been agreed upon. We want you to get the right salary for your skills, qualifications and the role you are taking on.

Having secured your offer, we will then keep in touch with you throughout the process to make sure everything goes to plan. Once you are in your new role, we often ask for feedback on our own processes including anything we can improve going forward. We do the best for everyone we deal with but are always willing to learn and improve!

Our team of recruitment specialists are always here to help, so give us a call now for a friendly chat.

CTRL Your Career.