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When you want to recruit IT people, the best way to ensure the highest level of success is to use a recruitment company who specialise in this area. You want a recruiter who understands what you need when you want to hire a temporary team of SAS consultants or what kind of person you are seeking to be your new ERP developer.

Here at CTRL Recruitment, we do this by firstly getting to know you and your business. By understanding what you do and what your roles will entail, we can better match you with the right candidates who have the qualifications, experience and attitude that will work within your organisation.

Finding the right long term staff can be daunting – there are always plenty of applications but how do you know which is the right one? We help take chance out of the equation by using our experience and expertise to find that person. We can even offer advice on training solutions to improve staff because we know the industry you work in just like you do.

Temporary or contract IT professionals may not be with you for long but getting the right people is just as important as with long-term staff. You want to be stunned by what they do, their high work ethic and standards. Regardless of the role, whether for an individual or for a team, we can offer the right people for the position.

So regardless of your needs, get in touch today to discuss them with one of our recruitment specialists.

Business and programme management and change

Analysis, design and implementation

Development of systems, software design and testing

Management of service and applications

Infrastructure and desktop plus communications

ERP, CRM and business intelligence

Our process

At CTRL Recruitment, we have a process that we follow with every client and this process is based on forming a great working relationship with all parties. By getting to know a business or an individual, we can better understand their needs and requirements as well as what kind of candidate will fit into the company.

As specialists in the IT industry, we know about the kind of work you do and this means there is no learning curve to understanding the requirements of the business. We can get straight into the exact requirements of your business and finding the perfect candidates for the vacancy you have.

We want your business to prosper and to do this, you need the right employees. Therefore, our aim is to find these people, whether permanent or temporary. To do this, we build up both relationships and databases so we know at any time who is looking for a certain member of staff and who is looking for that kind of vacancy.

Key values

We believe that our key values will be much the same as your key values and is the first step in our relationships. Working in IT means being at the forefront of technology, of development and living in a rapidly changing world. Therefore, we pride ourselves on understanding the very latest developments in the industry to allow us to understand your business needs. Experience is essential but so is the drive to learn about an ever changing world – and we have this.

Once you know how the IT world is changing, you need to adapt your business to it and we can help with this. Our innovative recruitment methods include using the widest range of solutions to find the right candidate including social media. Our talent pool is impressive but we don’t rest back on it – we are constantly working to add to it and look for people with new and developing skills.

Perhaps the most important part of our key values is our professional and personal integrity. We want you to be confident that we do as we say, that we can be relied on and will be there when you need us. Our relationships matter to us – your business matters to us – and together we can all prosper.

Here at CTRL Recruitment Group our team of recruitment specialists are always here to help, so give us a call now for a friendly chat.

Find your perfect IT candidate.