Client testimonials

Digital Agency – Ash
Amazing results. The site has provided us with excellent applications and it’s so comforting to know that we have people who genuinely care about our recruitment process. Ctrl was quick to recognise our requirements and gave us a fantastic pool of applicants to choose from. Overall great service, I know who to choose next time I need a new recruit.
– Group Account Director

Investment Bank – Anam
My consultant Anam was able to pin point exactly what I needed in a candidate, something which I generally find quite difficult when speaking with recruiters. He was pro-active and always updating me on any issues he had. I’ve been through a number of recruitment agencies during my time here but I have to say this one has topped them all. Anam was able to quickly send me a list of all his best candidates, arranged interviews, followed up with me to check if I needed anything within such short notice. Great work Anam, others need to follow in his footsteps!
– Client Delivery Manager

Cosmetic Surgery,
We have worked with Ctrl for quite some time now sourcing candidates for our IT department. They are professional and able to cater to my needs from the initial phone call down to the terms of business being agreed. I can rely on Ctrl to provide me with individuals who I know have already thoroughly been vetted by the team before they have even been forwarded to me. It’s a big weight of my mind that half the work is already done by a team who I genuinely trust which means less time for me sifting through CVs and more time training the new hires.
– Technical Account Manager

Airline company,
I am happy to recommend the recruitment service offered by Ctrl Recruitment. I found the consultant helping me to be extremely efficient, he was approachable at all times and I was hugely impressed by his positive attitude when I had specific requirements. The quality of candidates was so high that I decided to open an additional position because I didn’t want to let either of them go. They are both great assets to my organisation and it’s lovely how Ctrl sent us an unexpected congratulations gift through the post! The extra touch goes a long way, thank you so much for all your efforts!
– Chief Learning Officer

HR Services Consultancy, Stephanie
As a Human Resources Manager, my goal is to find the perfect candidate for every role. Having worked with Ctrl for a number of positions, it’s astonishing that every candidate has been a first class individual. The team are attentive and went to huge lengths to find me exactly what I needed. The interview process worked like a dream, the candidates were of such high calibre that I had already made up my mind during the first interview stage. This has really affirmed my trust in Ctrl recruitment and just wish that I stumbled across them sooner.
– Human Resources Manager

Having worked with Ctrl recruitment, I wouldn’t consider using any other recruitment company. The level of candidates submitted for both permanent and temporary roles have always exceeded my expectations. I have a great working relationship with the hired individuals and this is all down to the initial stages of the Ctrl team just sitting and having a chat with me listening to my needs and making sure they have a thorough understanding of my business and its culture. The level of attention and care I received really reflects their ethos of taking time to help others.
– Contracts Manager

SaaS Developer,
Thank you Anam! I had a quick role I needed to fill asap and was in desperate need calling every recruitment agency who would be open on a Thursday at 5.45pm. Anam picked up the phone and completely neutralised my panic, he listened to everything I needed disregarding the time and making notes of my requirements. I had my doubts and thought it would be difficult to find someone with such short notice but by the next day Anam had a list of three incredibly qualified candidates and they were all ready for interview. I really appreciate the effort and time Anam put in to help me and can only imagine the quality of candidates that Ctrl submits to other clients when they have a much more lenient timeline.
– Temps manager

Managed Cloud Provider,
The advice and guidance I received from Ctrl recruitment was invaluable. I was quite specific when hiring candidates in the past and as a result I turned down several worthy applicants who had the potential to succeed in the roles I was hiring for. With the team’s advice I was able to become more lenient and willing to adapt to changing needs and they helped me to realise that with the right training and guidance a candidate would be able to meet the expectations I had to fulfill a particular role. The Ctrl consultants are full of knowledge and tips and really go out of their way to help make the recruitment process less of a battle. I was able to call them whenever I had a problem and they would always be welcome to any queries or niggles I had. By taking the time to learn about our company culture, Ctrl Recruitment has consistently delivered highly suitable candidates and they are now our first point of contact. We really do look forward to working with them closely over the coming years.
– Managing Director

Accountancy Firm, Steph
Having recently used Ctrl Recruitment, this will be our new reliable go to company for when we need a position filled. Steph spent time to really get to know the candidates before forwarding to us. This is one of the main reasons why we will now use Ctrl as our first point of contact. The time they take to understand our needs and match them to a candidate is second to none. It’s hard to get that level of detail from other recruitment agencies, they need to take a leaf out of Ctrl’s book!
– Lead Trainer

Development Consultancy,
Muhammad is doing great thank you. He’s been able to hit the ground running which has made this whole recruitment process a lot easier. I’m really happy with the service that Ctrl have provided; they understood the brief, asked relevant questions, went away for a few days and found me Muhammad! They kept to their word and did everything they promised along with regular updates so I was always aware of what was going on in the background. Thank you once again, my faith in recruitment agencies has been restored and you will definitely be the first on my list when we need to hire again.
– Technical Support Manager

International Charity,
It’s important for a recruitment company to provide the right candidates whether it be a full-time or contract role. We were extremely happy with all the positions filled, the majority of contract roles have now become permanent and we really look forward to working with Ctrl for our next big project. The special rate they offer us as a charity is also a great touch and shows the understanding that CTRL have when it comes to how charities work and the tight budgets we operate under. Thank you, keep up the great work!
– Project Manager

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