IT recruitment & roles

At CTRL Recruitment, we want your business to succeed by finding the right candidate for every IT vacancy you have. We offer the best quality, personal recruitment service available based around our relationships – with you the business and with potential candidates on our database. This means we know everyone we work with and will quickly get to know your business. The end result is a hands-on approach to recruitment that works for both parties.

This system means we can also offer our services in all areas of IT recruitment. When you approach us, we will do some fact finding on your business – what you do, what you need, your salary structures and such. This will allow us to approach candidates who have the right qualifications and experience as well as salary expectations that fit in with your pay structure.

Permanent staff

Permanent staff are the lifeblood of the company but getting the wrong person in a role can be costly and potentially disastrous. We help with all aspects of the process from advertising your job and matching it up with the professionals on our database to organising interviews, references and the relevant background checks. We let you know what you need to know about the candidate and can guide you on legal and fair checks if further information is needed.

Contract staff

Short term or long term, contract staff offer a vital service to many businesses and can bring their specific skills to a project. We work with contractors who expect a fair wage and so we ensure that you know what kind of salary is expected for the work undertaken – one of the top reasons that negotiations break down. This gets you the best possible value for money as well as the best people for the job.

Types of vacancies we can fill

So what kind of IT professionals do we have on our database? Here’s a glimpse at some of the most popular.

IT Developers

There are lots of IT developers out there but not all of them are the very best – we pride ourselves on dealing only with the top level of these professionals. We have placed a large number of developers in businesses around the country and can do the same for your business if this type of vacancy arises. We understand what these people search for in a job and can help you appeal to them to get the right person in place.

IT Support Staff

IT support staff need a certain combination of attributes to really shine at the job including great communication skills and the right kind of experience. We have people who have worked in all sectors of support ready to turn their knowledge to the benefit of your business.

IT Management

Roles in IT management are always crucial to any business, therefore getting the right person filled is vital. You want someone who can quickly understand the needs of the company, help change direction when needed and maximise profitability. Our specialists are experienced in recruiting many senior level roles and will ensure the candidate they find will be able to mould in to the firm.

Specialist IT

The IT industry is filled with specialists, who have certain skill sets they can utilise in a number of roles. These people are often at the cutting edge of development, changing the IT world with their work. When you need someone to change a particular area of your business, reinvent a system or any of the other multitude of specialist jobs, CTRL Recruitment can help you make this happen. By understanding the industry the way we do, we know what you need and who can fulfill this requirement for you.

Here at CTRL Recruitment Group our team of recruitment specialists are always here to help, so give us a call now for a friendly chat.

Find your perfect IT candidate.