IT Support Recruitment

Many people have some level of experience within IT support but finding the right person for your vacancy can often involve wading through a lot of people who don’t quite match your requirements. By using CTRL Recruitment, we take the work out of the process by finding the person with the right qualifications, skills and experience to fulfill your need.

We start by looking at what you want from the candidate. We then compare this to our database of potential candidates, looking for those that tick the boxes. We can then offer you a number of profiles to consider based around their relevant experience and qualifications.

We have an extensive database and in-depth knowledge of the industry meaning we can assist in finding any IT support professional.

Candidates on our database include:

  • Application support specialists
  • Business analysts
  • Database administrators
  • First job / junior IT
  • Help-desk analysts
  • IT support analysts
  • Network engineers
  • Windows administrators
  • As well as much more

Application Support Specialists

Software changes on a near daily basis and the business environment is becoming an ever more complicated one. This means the business applications are essential to the success of the company and you need someone to support these systems. We can offer professionals who can handle all levels of application support for businesses of all sizes.

Business analysts

Our background in the IT industry means we understand the importance of a business analyst for your company going forward and therefore can find the right person for your vacancy. Whether you are looking for a permanent addition to your workforce or a temporary contractor to work on a specific project, we have the people you need.

Database Administrator (SQL/Oracle)

Regardless of the business sector you are in, a quality database administrator is crucial. Our candidates have experience across SQL, Oracle and many other systems to ensure that regardless of the system you use, they will be able to work with it.

Entry level IT Support

There are always lots of people looking to get into IT support but how do you find the right person among the crowd? That’s what we are here for and the candidates we can offer for entry level IT support are top of the class. We concentrate on technical skills with other abilities as a useful backup. We also look for those who will quickly adapt to your business needs and fit into your workplace structure.

Helpdesk Analysts (1st line)

Working a help-desk is about more than technical knowledge, it is about communications abilities, interpersonal skills and the ability to listen. Therefore, finding help-desk analysts is about finding the right balance of these skills as well as experience to back them up. The candidates we can offer can cover all the areas of the help-desk including call logging.

IT Support Analysts (Desktop/PC/2nd Line)

Few businesses don’t have a requirement for desktop support in some form and most have a dedicated person or team to handle their user community. Accessing the best IT support analysts for all aspects of your business is one of our main areas and understanding what you will need from that person is a crucial part of the process. You want someone with experience who can adapt quickly to your working practices and can learn new skills if required.

Network engineers

The network is at the heart of many businesses and having a network engineer to work on it is often crucial, be it long or short term. Ensuring that the business’ electronic communications are smooth is a huge area of the role and managing the flow of traffic can require a deft touch. We have a database of experienced network engineers including those working with Cisco, Juniper and Check Point technologies as well as a number of lesser names.

Windows administrators (Server support/3rd line)

Over 90% of today’s businesses make use of Windows server technology and this means that there is always a high demand for Windows administrators. Our connections with specialists in this area means we can find the right person for your business needs, regardless of the size of the company. Whether you have a single site or multiple locations around the UK, we can find the right people for you including those specialists in Windows Server and Active Directory environments.

Other IT Support roles

The world of IT is a large and varied one meaning there are hundreds of different types of vacancy within the broad header of the IT industry. From major project roll outs using a Red Prairie Warehouse Management System or an in-house system that needs fine-tuning, we can provide the right people for the job. These include:

Active Directory AIX 7.1 Android 4.0 Apache 2.4
AS400 / i5 / Power Avaya Blackberry (BES) Check Point
Cisco Citrix Cloud Computing CMS
E-Commerce Support Exchange 2010 (SP2) Firewalls Hyper-V
IIS 7.5 iPhone ITIL Juniper
Linux 3.2 Lotus Notes 8.5 Mac OS MS Dynamics
MS Office 15 Open-Source Oracle EBS Red Hat 6
SAN SAP SharePoint 2010 Solaris 11
SQL Server 2012 Symantec Trade Floor Support UNIX
VMware ESX VoIP Windows 8 Windows Server 2008


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