Fees and rebate

Our hiring process at CTRL Recruitment for your staffing requirements is a simple process with a clear fee structure that works for your business. We want you to feel you are getting great value for money in the services we offer and that you are completely aware of costs at every point of the process. Therefore, we have set out our fee guidelines for you before you commit to anything.

New customers

As a new customer to CTRL Recruitment who want to use our service first, we offer a special rate of #. We will work on your vacancy for # days and then if you feel you want to involve another recruitment agency, you can do that – we don’t alter the fee. And our approach remains unaltered regardless how many other companies are involved because our priority is to find you the right person for your vacancy.

If you want to use more than one recruitment agency from the start or want to us to add our skills to another company, then our fee is #. Because we are IT specialists, we can often work on finding candidates for vacancies than general recruitment companies cannot and if you realise this after engaging their services, simply get in touch for us to add our skills to the search.

Existing customers

We recognise that our existing customers are as crucial as our new ones and therefore have a similar structure in fees. We charge # for existing customers who allow us to work on the vacancy alone for the first five days. After that, if you want to bring another company on board, we won’t change the feel.

If you want to involve us after another company or alongside another recruiter, then our fee for existing customers is #.

Rebate promise

The quality of the staff we provide you with is of upmost importance to us and to show this, we have a rebate promise. If the candidate we place with your company leave within the first # of service, we will deliver the recruitment process again without charge or should we be unable to find a replacement candidate, we will refund the fees in full. We have an excellent record of placing people who stay with companies for the long term and are here to help if there are any early days issues that can solve the problems.

Referral charity donation

If you are using CTRL recruitment for the first time via a referral from one of our regular clients then we also have a special introduction offer for all new clients. #% of our agreed fee will go to a charity of your choice. Again this is a way of giving back and getting our clients involved with charitable causes.

Special registered charity rates

We have always been keen to give back to the local community as well as a variety of local and international charities. We love working with people that give back and because of this we offer special rates to all registered charities. Give us a call today and find out how we can help you and what we do with charities.

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