Contract Recruitment

The key to offering contract recruitment is building up a comprehensive database of highly skilled people and this is what CTRL Recruitment have done. We have # people that we have on our database with the largest range of IT skills possible so that regardless of the business’ needs, we have the right people to contact.

Best value

As well as offering a comprehensive range of professionals, we also offer the best value for money. We aim to get your business the best person for the vacancy at the best cost while still fulfilling the individual’s salary expectations. We can do this as we are very sensible about what we charge so there is no inflation of costs excessively for the business.

Our contractors are also the best value because they are dedicated professionals who are receiving a fair wage and enjoy the work they do. We vet the people on our database thoroughly to ensure they have the skills and experience needed. We also work with their salary expectations so that they work for the kind of money your business can afford.


While we are based in London, we have contractors available around the country and others who are happy to travel from beyond their immediately region. This means that whatever you need and wherever you are in the UK, we can provide solutions for your contractor needs.

Here at CTRL Recruitment Group our team of recruitment specialists are always here to help, so give us a call now for a friendly chat.

Make your next move your best move.